A concentrate of adventure

Jeroboam is a series of events born five years ago that includes routes of 300 km, 150 km, and 75 km, the philosophy with which the routes are traced is to favor the most panoramic landscapes and passages of the area in which it takes place, even when it is necessary to insert hard, steep and treacherous sections to reach them. 

The result is challenging and never trivial routes, with a lot of altitude, which put the participants to the test between stretches to be covered on foot, long climbs, and technical sectors. On average, the Jeroboam 300 km routes have an elevation between 7000 and 1000 meters and it takes 19-20 hours to complete them.

The Enough Cycling collective trace the routes and many of them live in the area and train on the Plateau in preparation for the adventure cycling events they participate in throughout the year, such as Badlands, Silk Road Mountain Race, and Granguanche.

Tracing a path for an event is not easy because you have to take many things into account - says Mattia De Marchi - and try to please everyone. The Plateau offers endless possibilities for pedaling with a gravel bike, from the simplest roads to the most demanding sectors. In this Jeroboam, there is a bit of everything.

It is important to give the most "fierce" a challenging route - continues Federico Damiani - but the two tracks of 150 and 75 km are also fundamental. It is necessary to give everyone the right level of challenge; for many, they will be their first experiences and we know that a beautiful and challenging path can make them passionate about this discipline.

Which spirit does Jeroboam face? what you prefer. It is not a race but someone will surely want to test themselves by closing the 300 km track without stopping.