Ski and Snowboard Helmet Fog Proof Double Lens Visor Smart Venting System

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combo sport

The ideal helmet for those who love the Class Sport sporty look, but find the goggles, developed to seamlessly fit with the helmet, more comfortable. The matt and shiny details together with the faux-leather earflaps, give the helmet a more dynamic look! Choose the one you want and get ready to hit the slopes in style!

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The matt frames with the KASK and KOO logos are the perfect contrast to the shiny shell available in four different colors. Fog-proof and scratch-proof double lens mirror visor and smart venting system built-in with the helmet. Black and white faux-leather earflaps and chin-strap. The soft Shalimar inner padding can be easily removed and is washable.
The matt frames with the KASK and KOO logos are the perfect contrast to the shiny shell available in four different colors. Fog-proof and scratch-proof…
from 460 g
product code
EN 1077 Class B
ASTM F 2040
visor standards
EN 174
ASTM F 659
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active venting system
A smart venting system integrated in the helmet and equipped with aeration holes allows for improved cooling airflow and, combined with the breathable inner fabrics, improves the physiological comfort.
Perfect match
Helmet and goggles designed to work together as a fully integrated system. The ergonomic shape of the shell offers a perfect fit while the harmonious integration of the goggles guarantees a maximum field of vision and eye protection.
Slide Lock System
The Slide Lock System is an innovative system designed for fast and effortless lens replacement. A simple and innovative system designed for easy lens replacement.
Lens by Zeiss
With over 165 years of experience, ZEISS is a guarantee of optical quality. The partnership with a leading brand in the field of optical products guarantees the highest standards in terms of quality, design, safety, and optical performance.
Goggle ventilation
The honeycomb-like vents built in the upper part of the goggles provides a smart ventilation system, insuring high volumes of cooling airflow, giving the skier extra comfort.
ZEISS lenses offer total protection from atmospheric agents and against the aggressive UVA/UVB/UVC rays found at high altitudes, preventing eye damage caused by sun rays.
Toric lens
Versatile shape suitable for both fashion and sport applications. ZEISS know-how in optics offers high-quality lenses designed with the same rigorous technology used for glasses lenses. ZEISS unparalleled experience guarantees the finest optical molds to ensure a long-lasting product with sharp and precise vision.
ZEISS lenses are developed with the strongest hard coating resins on the market that protect the lenses from scratches and abrasions.
Every KASK goggle lens features Anti-Fog coating to keep vision clear in all weather conditions.
3 layer foam
The 3 Layer Foam is designed to offer maximum comfort.
Panoramic view
KASK’s Panoramic View Technology is an innovative frame design that increase peripheral vision and boasts an overall expanded field of view while keeping the goggle frame compact and wearable.
Removable inner frame
The ideal solution in order to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene: a simple gesture is enough for easily removing the padding, both the inner one and the earflap, in order to wash them. Hand wash cold.
Shalimar padding
The inner padding is in soft Shalimar, a very breathable and fast-drying textile.
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