KASK and Team Sky announce their agreement to continue working together until the end of the 2020 season.

As one of the most successful cycling teams of their generation, and current holders of the Tour de France with three-times winner Chris Froome, Team Sky have benefited from lightweight, aerodynamic, high performance KASK helmets since the team started racing in 2010. KASKhelmets have helped the team, not just to four Tour de France wins including Sir Bradley Wiggins’ 2012 win, but also to victories in one-day and stage races around the world in every kind of condition imaginable over the team’s seven-year's of racing.

The high performance, lightweight, aerodynamic helmets made by KASK align perfectly with Team Sky’s famous approach of pursuing the very best in performance expertise under the direction of Sir Dave Brailsford, and contribute to the team’s remarkable success – which has surpassed even their own expectations.

As helmet-supplier to the highly successful British-based cycling team, KASK has learned much from the feedback, demands and experiences of the riders and staff – from specialist sprinters, climbers and time-trialists to Grand Tour winners and some of the most hard-working, successful domestiques in the business. This learning feeds directly into the continued development of new helmet models for professional and enthusiast cyclists alike, across road, track and mountain bike.

“We are proud to announce that we are once again extending our winning partnership working closely with Team Sky,” said Diego Zambon, General Manager, KASK. 
“Team Sky entrusting the safety of their riders to us, as helmet supplier, is both a big honour and big responsibility, and one that we strive hard year on year to both match and exceed. At KASK we always keep the pressure on our programme of research and development to create new designs with opportunities for performance improvement and enhanced comfort. It’s a fantastic challenge to provide this service to an outfit of the calibre of Team Sky for another four years.”

“Having worked with KASK directly for the last eight years it was an easy decision to continue that collaboration together,” said Carsten Jeppesen, Head of Technical Operations, Team Sky.

“Our riders and technicians demand and expect the best in terms of protection, comfort and performance, whatever they face in races and in training, and we need continued innovation and development from our helmet supplier to ensure we stay ahead of the pack in every way we can. That’s what we expect, and that’s what we get from KASK.”

Besides the WorldTour races success together, as well as featuring a number of Olympic and World Champions, Team Sky’s KASK-wearing riders have been road and time-trial National Champions in Australia, Belarus, Britain, The Czech Republic and Ireland.

Team Sky have used, and helped with the continuing development of a number of KASK helmet models, including: 

  • The latest evolution of time-trial model, the Bambino Pro Evo TT, a model developed exclusively for use by Team Sky and first seen in stage 13 (TTT) of the 2016 Tour de France, as an option alongside the Bambino Pro – combining long-tail aero benefits with short-tail robustness, in a special helmet with distinctive cross-sectional profile and curves
  • Protone – a light, comfortable, high performance model which features one of the fastest heat dissipations and lowest drag co-efficient of any ventilated helmet available
  • The incredibly innovative Infinity helmet that is both highly aerodynamically efficient, and fully vented for cooling and comfort. The vents are quickly and easily opened or closed by adjusting the mobile aerator at the top
  • Mojito, one of the most versatile, comfortable, efficient road helmets on the market
  • Vertigo, the very first top performance helmet KASK provided to Team Sky, worn by Team Sky riders in 2010 and 2011
  • The hugely aerodynamic specialist time-trial model, Bambino Pro, in which the team and its individuals have been incredibly efficient on both road and track

In preparation for the new year, we are already working on new products; some of which will become visible as the new season starts. KASK and Team Sky look forward to working together for at least the next four years, and have high expectations for continued success together in the 2017 season and beyond.