The snowboard cross world title competitions take place on Thursday, February 11, and Friday, February 12, as part of the 2021 FIS Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross World Championship in Idre Fjäll, Sweden. The event is the highpoint of the entire racing

The ski resort of Idre Fjäll, in the very heart of Sweden, is all set to host the FIS Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross World Championship, with the snowboard cross world titles being decided on February 11 and 12. Two adrenaline-fuelled days with just one prize in everyone’s sights: a medal. There are high hopes for the Italian contingent in Sweden, and Michela Moioli and Lorenzo Sommariva will definitely be amongst the protagonists.


«When you are preparing for a World Championship, your every thought is focused on performance and nothing else – confirmed the Pyeongchang Olympic gold winner – The chance to write your name in the discipline’s history books is every athlete’s greatest ambition and there is no room for distraction of any kind”.
27 year old Lorenzo Sommariva is also very focused in the run-up to the Swedish worlds: “My season got off to a good start,” commented the Genoese-born snowboarder. “But the good bit starts now: it is difficult to predict what will happen because my rivals are on form. However, I will be competing at 100% of my abilities to guarantee the best possible result”.


For their World Championship adventure, the two Italians will be sporting a version of the Kask Kimera helmet adapted specifically to the professional athletes’ requirements. This extremely light helmet has an all-carbon-fibre shell and it’s the KASK’s first FIS-approved product. In addition to the Kimera, Moioli and Sommariva will also be donning the KOO Eclipse goggles, also customised for them.

«These are two extremely technical products that make a real, tangible difference in training and competition– confirms Moioli – The Kimera and Eclipse make me feel I can focus entirely on my performance”.
Lorenzo Sommariva agrees about the quality of the helmet and goggles: “If I had to choose one specific characteristic I like most about each of the two products, I would say: the Kimera’s wraparound fit and the degree of visibility the Esclipe gives you,” he said. “The KASK helmet and KOO goggles are the perfect combination if you really want to push your performance to the limit”.



The Kask Kimera is a ski and snowboard helmet that delivers comfort and performance all wrapped up in an innovative design.

Its signature ventilation technology system guarantees optimal adjustable air flow through a front inlet and back port. This also keeps the inside of the helmet dry and ventilated as well as reducing lens fogging.

These technical features combined with quick-dry Soft Wind padding guarantee comfort in even the toughest of conditions. The discreet, minimalist proprietary Click-in System uses eight pins to neatly hold the padding and removable liner together inside the helmet, affording daylong comfort out on the slopes and runs. 

Safety is the other byword, of course, and is guaranteed by Kask’s patented Fit-System, which allows the wearer to adjust the helmet fit to the shape of the nape of their neck, guaranteeing the snuggest possible fit.

Made entirely in Italy, the Kask Kimera also includes an integrated goggle holder.