Success at AETA

KASK broke onto the equestrian sports market one year ago at the 2015 AETA event and has since become one of the top helmet choices for riders in varying disciplines from hunters and jumpers to eventing and dressage.

“In its very first year, KASK became one of the most talked about helmets in horse sport,” said North American Brand Manager, Gianluca Caron. “KASK climbed to the pinnacle of the industry very quickly with an impressive group of North American-based sponsored riders and huge popularity among consumers.”

After only one year in the equestrian market, KASK will kick off its 2017 season at AETA after a presence at horse shows in New York and California during the winter season.

“AETA really propelled KASK into the hands of the right buyers and placed them in some of the best tack shops from coast to coast,” added Caron. “This year we look forward to furthering those relationships, growing our presence, and continuing the success of KASK.”

AETA unites the horse sport industry and supports connections between equestrian manufacturers and retail buyers with semi-annual trade shows. The AETA August show showcases the best in up-and-coming, as well as established, equine brands. In particular, KASK will showcase their unique FIT System, as well as customization options from Swarovski embellishment to patriotic flag wraps.

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