Discover the brand new Snow 16 17 Inspirational collection

KASK always offer a wide selection of high quality helmets, result of the most rigorous safety tests and innovative technologies.

The new 16/17 Snow Collection will bring the extraordinary design and unparalleled comfort KASK is known for, as well as a more active, performance driven and outstanding fashion look.

Marta Beltramello, Sales Manager of KASK Snow says: 

"The new collection reveal our desire of color experimentation: Eclipse blue and Burgundy red merge with scarabeus green and silver Swarovski Crystals adding extra depth and strength to our collection tones. Silver, Gold and Pink Gold Chromatic details reflects a more modern, unisex and design-oriented direction” Angelo Gotti, Founder and Head of R&D of KASK, says “With the KASK Snow collection 16/17 and its new products we have reached the perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety and attractive design. After eleven years of production, our company has gone through a big evolution motivated by a greater commitment to applying the industry’s most advanced knowledge of aerodynamics and thermodynamics as well as of R&D in new product categories”.