Italian designer helmet brand achieve a "head" start with a top UK dressage star!

I loved the look of KASK as soon as I saw them and now I've worn them in competition and at home, I am delighted with the levels of comfort. They are true leaders and innovators in helmet design and the fact that they are renowned in other sports for safety and performance, gives me the reassurance I need, without compromising on style.

Kask and Team Sky extend quadruple tour de France winning relationship

Our riders and technicians demand and expect the best in terms of protection, comfort and performance, whatever they face in races and in training, and we need continued innovation and development from our helmet supplier to ensure we stay ahead of the pack in every way we can. That’s what we expect, and that’s what we get from KASK.

KASK partner with women’s cycling scheme, Strongher

KASK are pleased to announce a partnership with Strongher, a leading initiative promoting women’s cycling worldwide.