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PIUMA was one of the first helmets we designed. And 2021 sees our icon return, completely reworked. We poured all of our passion, dedication, and design mastery into keeping this king of the slopes on an upward trajectory. The result? A piece of engineering art, ready to bring light, clarity and confidence to the blackest of black runs with features like armoured innovative optics to ensure optimal and precise navigation.

The all-new PIUMA-R is 100% Italian designed and made to offer a rare combination of beauty, comfort and safety. Protect your head, preserve your style.

PIUMA-R starting from 300,00 €

Active Ventilation System
The Active Ventilation System is easy to use by simply pulling down on the lever at the rear of the helmet. Using this lever, the amount of air flow can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Click-in system
A new seven-pin attachment design makes the removal of the inner 100% Merino wool padding even easier. Eliminates the need for Velcro and makes maintaining the padding a breeze.

Available in 10 sizes—from 54 to 63
for a fit as absolute as the confidence you’ll draw from it.

Active Ventilation System
Panoramic Double Visor
Panoramic OTG Visor
Click-in System
One-Move Switch System
Micrometrical Buckle
Merino Wool Liner
Chrome Details
Photochromatic Visor